Mise en plus? OR Maison Plus: Tools for life

At work the concept of mise en plus also applies to the home, which is why I have taken the small liberty with the French language, “maison plus”.

The concept of “mise en plus” in the kitchen or bar makes perfect sense, otherwise how can one prepare and execute consistent quality food or cocktails without being systematic or ordered.

Bring in hospitality, and the tools required for performing at a heightened level need to be better than good.

We’re all taught the importance of having great tools to achieve great results! Co-incidentally a mantra at uberbartools™.

On the other hand, when it comes to nurturing, sustaining and dealing with the relationships at “home or maison”, then the situation may be entirely different.

Yes we know the recipes, temperature levels, service both front and back of house etc, however who teaches us how to better deal with the issues of being shift workers or people who work when others play and vice versa?

What does one do when the significant other or others (if you’re a hot mixologist) has a 9-5 job when you’re a 5-1am person?

How can one balance the profound relationship issues that so many of our friends and colleagues have at home, and then be expected to be hospitable, friendly and giving at work to the guest / customer?

Surely there is a disconnect here!

Let me say that over the years I have struggled on so many different levels with relationships, and yes I had to learn on the job and still am in many respects.

Learning institutions are not necessarily preparing students with the life skills to equip the hospitality industry with the “tools for living happy home lives”, other than on a professional level.

Today, I’m not offering answers, but exploring a thought process, challenging those of learning to consider to offer education on “maison plus” not just be all about “mise en plus”!

Recently I saw and tasted this very difference when a group of bartenders prepared two identical drinks – one when happy and the other when angry.  If I didn’t taste the difference myself, I would have assumed the proposition to be preposterous.

This experiment was conducted by a highly evolved individual, Dushan Zaric, of Employees Only Tame, who on demonstrating the appreciable taste difference, astonished all in the room.

Being happy at home, in ones relationships is an unspoken, under-explored issue in terms of hospitality and I feel a potential barrier in a achieving true professional success at the soul level.

I know that what I am saying is controversial – let’s hear from you and what you think.

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